Mentors: Jaka Kovač, Jasmina Ferček, Tjaša Bavcon

Jaka Kovač guided the participants through experiential exercises that were based on strengthening of social skills, connecting communication, and peaceful conflict resolving. They met themselves better, their behavioural patterns, as well as their colleagues and a dynamics of the entire group.

They were presented with different tools that will help them build good inter-personal relationships also in the future, and will enable them to stay together as a group. Together with Jasmina Ferček and Tjaša Bavcon the participants learnt how to calm down and inter-connect through handicraft.

The used participatory behavioural forms of the group are based on inclusion and respect for all participants, they awake individual and collective potentials, enable the participants to help each other in recognizing and developing strengths, gifts, and talents – this is a deep aspect of empowerment.