Revealed hands II

Due to the success of the previous project with the same name, authoring group Oloop in cooperation with the Humanitarian Charity Society UP from Jesenice continued with the work, since it again received a support of the European Social Fund.

Participants again came from former Yugoslavian republics; a particularly high number of females came from Kosovo, which was a pleasant surprise. Women had learnt handicrafts already in childhood. They were proud of their knowledge and were pleased to share it with others. However, mostly they were aware that their traditional products are not competitive in the market anymore, therefore, they were willing to learn.

Primarily, meetings were intended for learning of contemporary textile techniques that are fast, easy to learn, funny, and appropriate for everyone. The resulting products, connected into a collection, were intended for presentations at exhibitions, fairs, and other promotional events.

During work, women learnt about each other through handicrafts, which they stored in home treasuries and which remind them of the past times and home that they visit during vacation. They exchanged a lot of interesting stories, knowledge, memories, and ideas.

The project was hosted by Turkish designers Mine Ovacik Dortbas in Solen Kipos, who introduced themselves with their attempts of modernization of traditional Turkish products.

In order to enable the group to continue with the work even after the end of the project, we designed an independent website and FB-site Revealed hands.

At the end of the project, they presented a collection of products for home and body (pillows, slippers, jewellery) at Stara Sava in Jesenice and Right Atrium of the Ljubljana Town Hall.