A collection of joyful, colourful, woolly crocheted clouds arises in a pleasant atmosphere during socialising of women in Hiša sreče in Jesenice.


We are a family of women, and we present our family of pillows here.

Our products are made carefully and with love.


Each of them is unique.


Socializing is intertwinement of conversation, crocheting, Balkan delicacies, and laughter. In the process, we drink a lot of coffee.


100 % natural and ecological wool.

From naturally dyed ecological woollen yarn of Slovenian production.

They have a wild nature since they revive the best from tradition and spice up with the freshness of contemporariness.


They bring warmth and homeliness in homes, and delight the lovers of a thoughtful design.

By purchasing our products you help to pass the knowledge and respect for traditional handicraft techniques to younger generations.