About us

We are women who like to knit and socialize. Our key raw materials for creating are textile and Balkan delicacies. Most of us were brought to Slovenia by different life stories, and today Hiša sreče in Jesenice is our meeting point. Some of us are retired, others are at the peak of their active life, but we all share love for handicraft and experimenting with new techniques and designs.

Hasnija Dugonjić - Hasna

Hasna was born in Jesenice. Family is the most important thing for her. She has got two daughters and five grandchildren, whom she often leads to various extra-curricular activities. She loves nature, especially morning walks to Kalvarija. She loves sea and long sunny vacation. If there was a possibility, she would dance Latin-American dances. She is also a volunteer at the UP Society. As a trained merchant – manager, she wishes the Revealed hands a successful market penetration.

Firketa Babaća

Fikreta came to Slovenia in 1975 from a town Prijedor (BiH). Recently she had a knee surgery, therefore she replaced walks in the nature with web browsing. On the Internet she is looking for ideas for crocheted and knitted products, but she never copies them, but always rearranges and upgrades them in her own way. A clean and tidy home is very important for her, she appreciates heart families, and she always likes to take care of her three grandchildren. She is also enthused about handball since this is energetic and explosive sport.

Stoja Sokolov

Stoja came to Slovenia in 1970s from Sanski Most (BiH). Although she is the last one who joined the team Revealed hands, it seems that she has been a part of the team forever. She loves nature and mountaineering. Together with her friends or members of mountaineering society she is on top of new peaks almost every week. She is gardening when she is not busy taking care of her grandchildren. Among all handicraft, she loves knitting the most, especially in the company of the creators of Revealed hands, since they always exchange knowledge and advices of how to improve the products.

Bojana Pravst

Bojana from Škofja Loka is architect, who in retirement once again discovered the magic of creating with hands, as well as discovering new materials and techniques. She is extremely curious soul who finds it difficult to imagine life without art. She mainly uses Facebook and Pinterest to discover new ideas. She is also familiar with astrology. While she used to design kindergartens and schools, today she runs crocheting workshops at home for elderly in Škofja Loka.

Suada Kaltak

Suada came to Slovenia in 1976 from Okreč na Sanskem Mostu (BiH). She is a magician and bioenergetic healer, who would choose a medical study if she could choose once more. For many years she worked as a volunteer in the Jesenice Hospice. During retirement mother of four children and six grandchildren wants to do everything she could not when she was working. She likes spending time among good people, she enjoys socializing in Revealed hands, as well as during walks in nature and gardening.

Nasiha Selman

Nashia took refuge in Slovenia during a war in Bosnia, and she still misses her home country very much. She is extremely orderly lady, wearing careful make-up, attentively dressed, sometimes she even wears lace gloves. Her home is also very tidy, mainly the balcony, for which she several times received acknowledgement for the most tidy balcony in Jesenice. Nashia is a professional “knitter”, who knitted for Almira for many years. Today, she prefers Scandinavian and Icelandic patterns, she is also making laces, and prepares desserts.

Miloslava Gogić - Mila

Mila came to Slovenia in 1970 from Bosnia. She is open-hearted and comradely, an exceptional narrator of exciting stories and Yugo-nostalgist. She is a volunteer at UP Society in Hiša Sreče, where she is famous for making the most delicious coffee. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter when they play “mačja zibka” (cat’s cradle), drinking coffee in her garden while observing growing of plants. Among all handicraft, she likes knitting the most.

Fatima Bešić

Fatima came to Slovenia in 1970s from Bosanska Gradiška (BiH). A nice lady who was widowed very young. She attentively raised her two daughters on her own, and today she is delighted by her four grandchildren. She loves flowers and plants of all kind. Even though she is retired, she occasionally helps in gardening centre where she was employed. The newest member of her household is a parrot named Beni, which is an increasingly good co-speaker during an obligatory morning coffee.

Krista Trobec

Krista comes form Mojstrana. She is a volunteer at UP Society and enthused commentator on Facebook. She is courageous and sensitive lady who finds a solution for every situation. She loves summer and sea. For her grandchildren she conjures up adventures in nature in order for them to feel a life without phones, computers and tablets. After an exciting football match they often fall asleep together, even before Krista manages to read the last page of a fairy tale.

Džamila Tubić

Džamila came to Slovenia from BiH at the end of 1960s. She is a great cook, author of the best “burek” and other Bosnian delicacies. She is a gentle and attentive listener. She is a mother of two children and three grandchildren. She enjoys spending time in nature, especially in her vegetable garden. She likes sewing, crocheting, starching, and embroidering.

Sema Sadić

Sema came to Slovenia in 1975 from Sanski Most (BiH). It was difficult at first since she and her husband did not know anyone. She got job in production in Elan where she also worked night shifts. She has got three children and five grandchildren. She likes sewing, knitting, and crocheting. She cooks traditional Bosnian and Slovenian dishes, also “potica”. She enjoys trips to the seaside, spa, and visiting relatives throughout Europe. Revealed hands mean a lot to her since this is an opportunity for socializing and continuous learning.

Meleča Smaić

Meleča came to Slovenia in 1997 from Sanski Most (BiH). She likes walks, swimming and enjoys handicraft. She has got five children and twelve grandchildren with whom she often plays cards, Ludo, and football outside. She enjoys spring and taking care of the flowers on the balcony. She is looking for a company of sincere people since she does not like gossiping. This is why she feels so great in the team Revealed hands and wishes their project to further develop and achieves on-line recognisability.

Tatjana Žagar

Tatjana lives in Nova vas. She likes cooking and playing with her kitten named Mak. She is especially enthused about knitting unique products – ornaments for New Year’s tree and eggs. Making one ornament takes two whole days, since the procedure is complicated and requires a lot of patience. She really enjoys the project since she has been developing it for five years. She also likes to attend Revealed hands because they learn various techniques of knitting.

Mirza Džafić

Mirza came to Slovenia in 1972 from Stari Majdan from Sanski Most. She is still closely connected to her home country, since she spends all summers in Bosnia. She also likes to head north to visit her sister who lives in Sweden. She masters crocheting, knitting, and embroidery. For 20 years she was machine-knitting in Almira. She used to create wonderful tapestries. The Revealed hands again enthused her for handicraft, and she wishes her products to become even more recognizable in Slovenia and abroad.

Refija Mujezinović

Refija came to Slovenia in 1970 from Zenica (BiH). She spends time walking in nature and socializing with friends and taking care of grandchildren and even a great-grandchild. She likes listening to music, especially “sevdalinke” (Sevdah music). She also dances at their rhythms. Revealed hands enable her to test herself in making new patterns. The meetings mean a lot to her since the girls are extremely nice and positive company.