Mentors: Miha Možina, Lucija Ćirović, Alja Sušnik, Tjaša Bavcon, Katja Burger, Kristjan Jarni

Diverse trainings were aimed at learning the basic film language and obtaining the basic skills in the field of recording sound and image, mask, photography, lightning, and performance in front of the film camera and posing in front of the camera. The goal of the meetings was to learn about the process of obtaining film material for video documentary on Revealed hands (under the leadership of Miha Možina) and photography material for exhibition at the end of the project (under the leadership of Kristjan Jarni and Tjaša Bavcon). Recording sessions took place in improvised studio as well as outside on the streets of Jesenice.

Make-up artist Alja Sušnik presented her work and forwarded basic knowledge in regard to mask. She put make-up on the participants for photographing and recording sessions.

Together with actress Lucija Čirović and mentor Katja Burger, the participants studies a relationship among a body and a textile product (pillow), and thus prepared interesting “one-minute statues” that appeared in the documentary video.