Mentors: Luka Piškurič, Tjaša Bavcon

Luka Piškurič emphasized that creators at Poligon observe that increasingly often the first contact of customers with a brand and its products is on-line, and that it is not easy to stand out in the multitude of projects that compete for attention on the Internet. Therefore, they took the participants into preparation of interesting content for on-line site and social media.

Under the supervision of Tjaša Bavcon, lively descriptions of the Revealed hands members were created, which indirectly strengthened their self-confidence in communication. The participants also learnt the basics of on-line communication for the needs of Revealed hands.  They were also presented with the basics of mass financing – ways of collecting funds that is based on activation of a variety of supporters. They viewed successful examples of designers and craftsmen, who collected funds with mass financing for realization of their projects and learnt what is needed for preparation of this kind of projects.