Mentors: Nataša Briški, Lucija Ćirović, Špela Strasser, Jasmina Ferček, Faila Pašić Bišić, Tjaša Bavcon

Trainings within this set were very diverse. They were aimed at the first contact with public performance and direct communication with media.

Comic Lucija Čirović led them to the first practice of performing, theatre improvisation, and role playing, and therefore strengthened their self-confidence of public performing. More-than-a-journalist Nataša Briški presented them a good practice of communication with both, classical and modern media. Together with Špela Strasser they prepared their first PowerPoint presentation and made a poster for a promotional event. With such equipment they presented their work, products, and experience in two Bosniak societies, namely Ljiljan in Ljubljana and Behar in Koper. Together with Faila Pašić Bišić they learnt about intercultural characteristics, and with Tjaša Bavcon and Jasmina Ferček the participants learnt about peculiarities in presentation of the textile handicraft.

They also obtained experience during recording session of the show with Mojca Mavec and during a group interview with a journalist from Dnevnik.